In our fast paced world of electronic mail, receiving a unique hand-made invitation, greeting or thank you card in the mail can make all the difference.  Electronic letters (e-mail) are often lost, deleted and overlooked, but a card is a tangible and lasting reminder of your important message.

Your next event, whether it be an informal gathering of friends, a birthday, or a corporate-sponsored gala, deserves the attention and creativity that only Kovas Kardz can provide. The ultimate success of your event begins with a creatively designed invitation.  Your card is not selected from a stock set, but designed exclusively for you from sketch.  A Kovas Kardz custom-tailored invitation uniquely matches the theme or feel of your event, creates anticipation and blossoms excitement the way a store-bought card never will.

When mass-produced cards just won't do, contact Kovas Kardz to bring your next card event to life.  No event is too small or too large for a custom invitation creation.  Whether it's five or five thousand, I am confident that I can design a unique card that will capture your audience, highlight your event and comfortably fit your budget. 

When you're ready to start, contact Kovas Kardz to schedule a complimentary design consultation. 

I will work with you directly to create a card that is both original and creative.  Your satisfaction is my highest concern.  You provide the details, and I'll take care of the rest!


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